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Science and Nature : Scientists explain solar eruptions – Telegraph India

Science and Nature :

Image of the solar corona taken during the 2017 solar eclipse.Credit: Chen, Tian, Su, et al Astrophys J

Two Indian astrophysicists with international collaborators have provided the first direct observational evidence to explain the mechanisms that give rise to ubiquitous jet-like eruptions of solar material observed across the Sun’s surface.

Tanmoy Samanta and Dipankar Banerjee are part of a 12-member international research team whose observations might also unravel the long-standing puzzle of why the Sun’s outer atmosphere, or the solar corona, is hotter than its surface.

Their studies suggest that the interaction of magnetic fields of opposite polarity — North and South — through a process that solar physicists call magnetic flux cancellation provides the energy for the eruptions called solar spicules.

Their findings, based on

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