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Politics News : WhatsApp in 2019: All the New Features the Chat Service Added This Year | NDTV – NDTV

Politics News :

WhatsApp is known for actively developing multiple features simultaneously, and testing them for months before releasing them for the general public. The popular instant messaging platform has been working on big features like dark mode, a new multi-platform system, and new UI elements this year. It brought along features like improved group privacy settings, fingerprint unlock feature, and even Netflix trailer in-app streaming support this year. WhatsApp and Facebook integration was initiated with the introduction of a new feature called Share to Facebook Story. It essentially lets you share your status on Facebook, if you so prefer to do so.

This, and many moreWhatsAppfeatures were rolled out, or are being tested this year. Here’s a rundown of all them. Before we proceed, we’ve segregated this post into three sections – features that have already been rolled out and are available for commercial use, features that are being tested in beta, and features that were spotted in to be under development and haven’t been enabled for beta testing as of yet. The last option is the most ambiguous, and some of the features mentioned there may or may not make it to the testing phase. For that matter, some features mentioned in the beta section may also never see the light of the day in a stable rollout.

Politics News :New WhatsApp Features in 2019 (Stable)

1) WhatsApp Business app for iPhone released, new Catalog feature introduced

After being available on Android for over a year, WhatsAppstarted rollingout the Business App for iPhone users earlier this year. It was rolled out in seven countries, including India. It is currently available in India, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, the UK, and the US. Furthermore, the companyrolled outa new Catalog feature for businesses using the latest WhatsApp Business app on both Android and iPhone in India, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK, and the US. The new feature is designed to help small businesses showcase and share their offerings through a distinct catalogue of products.

To mark the first anniversary of the launch of WhatsApp Business app, WhatsApp alsointroducedquick replies, labels, and chat list filtering on the Web version as well as the desktop clients of the Business app, in the start of 2019. These features were already available to WhatsApp Business users on mobile, but since January, these can now also be used on the Web version as well as WhatsApp desktop apps.

2) WhatsApp gets new Group Privacy Settings

After testing it out for several months, WhatsApprolled outthe updated group privacy settings globally. To find the updated privacy settings for groups, you need to go to the Settings menu of WhatsApp and then tapAccount>Privacy>Groups.You’ll find theMy Contacts Except…option that sits next to the existingEveryoneandMy Contactsoptions. This new option gives you the control to select which of your contacts can add you to a group on the instant messages. This change has been introduced to curb spam group invites.

3) WhatsApp biometric authentication arrives for iPhone, comes to Android months later

WhatsApp introduced biometric authentication support for iOS usersin February this year, while Androidusers got it months later, after several rounds of testing. Both Android and iOS users can now have the app lock automatically, and unlock only with their fingerprint. Users can also choose how much time the app will automatically lock in, from immediately after closing, to after 1 minute, and after 30 minutes. Users will also be able to choose whether the content of their messages will be visible in notifications, including the sender of the message. WhatsApp for iOS users can also use Face ID to lock the WhatsApp app.

4) Consecutive voice messages feature arrives for WhatsApp Web, Android

As the name suggests, this feature allows for auto-playing of two or more voice messages sent one after the other. This feature was in testing for quite a while, before it wasmade availableto Android users commercially. This feature was already available on iOS from before. Last month, WhatsApp Web also got theability to listento listen to voice messages consecutively.

5) WhatsApp Status Updates can be shared to Facebook Stories

Another big WhatsApp feature thatwas rolled outthis year, includes the ability to share your WhatsApp Status on to Facebook Stories. This feature has rolled out to Android and iPhone users both. To let you easily share your status updates to Facebook Stories, a new Share to Facebook Story button under the Status tab appears on WhatsApp after you create an update.

6) WhatsApp rolls out ‘Frequently Forwarded’ label in India

In August, WhatsApp startedrolling outthe Frequently Forwarded messages label on both Android as well as iOS apps to let users know if the message they have received has been forwarded over five times. Long forwarded messages are also truncated, and users will have to tap to read the full message.

7) WhatsApp Tipline feature introduced

In a bid to crack down on fake news ahead of the general elections in the country, WhatsAppunveiledits ”Checkpoint Tipline” feature where people can check the authenticity of information received. People in India can submit misinformation or rumours they receive to the Checkpoint Tipline on WhatsApp (+91-9643-000-888). Once a WhatsApp user shares a suspicious message with the tipline, Proto’s verification centre will seek to respond and inform the user if the claim made in message shared is verified or not. The response will indicate if information is classified as true, false, misleading, disputed or out of scope. Proto hassince clarifiedthe tipline is essentially a research project, and is “not a helpline” that will respond to all of the users’ queries on WhatsApp. Gadgets 360 had shared a number of links and few photos with the Checkpoint tipline, but haven’t received any response yet apart from the automated replies.

8) WhatsApp gets enhanced PiP mode in Android, Web

In June 2019, WhatsApp for Androidgot an updatethat enhanced Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature to allow users to watch videos in a pop-up window even while switching from one chat to another. It also continues to play the video on the floating window when WhatsApp is in the background. This feature was available in iPhone since the rollout for PiP mode last year, but was missing from Android. Also, WhatsApp introduced Picture-in-Picture mode for desktop users last year, but at that time, it only worked for the videos shared by the users themselves. With an update in February, WhatsApp Web usersgot the abilityto use Picture-in-Picture mode for all video links, with support for Facebook, YouTube, Streamable, and Instagram video links introduced. This feature came with WhatsApp Web version 0.3.2041 update.

9) WhatsApp adds Netflix trailer support to video streaming in-app

Earlier in November, WhatsAppwas spottedbeing able to stream Netflix video trailers in-app. WABetaInfo reported that when users share a compatible Netflix link, the recipient will be able to play the trailer video in the messaging app itself. The link will appear as a large thumbnail with a play icon in the middle, as is the case with YouTube video links. This feature is only available for iOS users for now.

10) WhatsApp adds Opi Stickers support

WhatsApp expanded its sticker collection byadding an Opi sticker packdesigned by Colombian illustrator Oscar Ospina, in June this year. The pack includes Opi stickers featuring a white-colour bear expressing different emotions. Notably, the new sticker pack is available within WhatsApp for both Android and iPhone users. The Opi sticker pack includes as many as 30 stickers to let WhatsApp users “sneak, snooze, and celebrate” with the bear.

11) WhatsApp limits forwards to 5 chats globally

To combat fake news on its chat platform, WhatsApplimited the forward featureto just five chats. This feature was first rolled out toIndian users in July last year, and in January, the company rolled it out to all users globally. This change came as part of WhatsApp’s aim to maintain the image of a ‘private messaging app’ rather than one infamous for the spreading of fake news.

12) WhatsApp for iPhone gets Reply Privately feature

In the first week of 2019, WhatsApprolled out an updatefor iPhone users, bringing many new features like Reply Privately support in WhatsApp Groups, ability to add stickers to photos and videos, and 3D Touch support to preview a contact’s status. The Reply Privately feature allows the participants of a group to reply privately to a chat in their 1:1 chat. To use the feature, the WhatsApp users will have to tap and hold a message in a group chat and select More, then select Reply Privately. Android users gotthis fea

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