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Politics News : ‘Obesity a chronic disease, maintaining lost weight more important’ –

Politics News :

Busan: A professor having expertise in medicine has said that countries should admit that


is a

chronic disease

and stressed the need of maintaining the weight a person has lost rather than focusing on shedding kilos.

“A lot of communities have recognised obesity as a chronic disease. This is because even if patients lose weight, if you wait long enough, everyone puts their weight back on, with only a handful of exceptions,” said Professor Arya Sharma of the University of Alberta at a symposium during the International Diabetes Federation Conference 2019 here.

He also said that all people, including patients and physicians, believe that controlling obesity is a simple task and is about energy balance on controllingcalories, Korea Biomedical Review reported.

“We can control calorie intake by eating less and outtake by doing more exercise. So we believe that it will be easy to achieve a certain balance for weight loss. Therefore, in theory, this is not so difficult,” Sharma was quoted as saying.

“However, the problem is there is a black box between controlling the intake and outtake of calories that people neglect,” he

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