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Latest Tech : Sony isn’t about to make the best camera phone, despite promising sample photos – TechRadar India

Latest Tech :

Sony Xperia 5

(Image credit: Future)

When Sony postedpictures taken with its new 60MP IMX686smartphone camera sensor, the internet got excited; does this meanSony phonesare finally about to get great cameras? 

In the past few years, Sony’s smartphones have stayed far clear of our list of thebest camera phones, with relatively lackluster offerings that don’t near the heights of theHuawei P30 Pro,Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusandGoogle Pixel 3. That’s surprising, givenSony Alpha camerasare some of the best DSLR shooters available right now.

Is it possible, then, that the new IMX686 sensor could finally bring Sony phones back in the top-tier league? Well, we’re sorry to say that the answer is probably a resounding ‘no’. Here are a few reasons why.

Pretty limited photo samples

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Sony IMX686 camera sample

(Image credit: Sony)

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Sony IMX686 camera sample

(Image credit: Sony)

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Sony IMX686 camera sample

(Image credit: Sony)

Sure, the few pictures we’ve seen from the Sony IMX686 look great, but there are a few reasons that this doesn’t represent how pictures taken on theXperia 2or similar device will look.

Firstly, this sensor would be used on the main phone camera, but a phone nowadays has two, three four, or even five. The other snappers will use lenses like macro, telephoto, and ultra-wide, with sensors that aren’t the IMX686. In other words, you probably won’t be taking pictures with Sony’s new sensor all that often.

Secondly, the sample pictures are all taken of colorful subjects in bright settings, which would naturally bring out the best of any camera. But Sony’s cameras have often fared worse in low-light and dark circumstances, and there’s no indication of if that’s fixed here.

No matter how great the cameras on Sony’s future handset end up being on paper, there’s something more important in taking a great picture: software.

Software is more important

(Image credit: Future)

Most great camera phones right now use software to make a picture look great, from AI scene optimization or automatic editing used get color accuracy and white balance right from the start – or immediately in post.

However Sony phones have typically been rather light on the software front, with pared-down offerings compared to competitor devices.

Sure, this is okay in some phones like theXiaomi Mi Note 10, as that has impressive enough camera specs to only need a soft touch afterwards to take great pictures. Sony phones typically ha

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