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Latest Tech : Sony conquers Canon and nixes Nikon in the full-frame mirrorless market – Techradar

Latest Tech :

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In 2018, Sony announced that it was investing about $9 billion over three years into its image sensor business in a bid to dominate the digital photography market. At the time, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said that the company’s aim is to become the top camera brand in the world by 2021 and, it seems, that investment is paying off.

The latest market analysis reports from Japanese firmBCNhas shown that Sony has knocked Canon off the top spot when it comes to year-on-year sales of mirrorless cameras.

According to the 2019 BCN rankings – based on sales figures between November 2018 and October 2019 – Sony’s marketshare has jumped from 31.6% last year to 38%. In second place, Canon’s sales dropped to 36% from last year’s 37.8%.

While it’s good for Sony, the full-frame mirrorless snappers only make up a fraction of the total digital camera sales. And that’s where Canon is still king, despite the slowing of sales. Sony, however, has taken the second spot in overall digital camera sales, relegating Nikon to third position.

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