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Latest Tech : Apple redesigns its privacy pages, thumbing its nose at Facebook and Google – CNN

Latest Tech :

New York (CNN Business)Apple redesigned the web pages of its privacy policies Wednesday, its latest effort to distinguish itself from its personal data-selling competitors.

“At Apple, privacy is built into everything we make,” CEO Tim Cooktweeted Wednesdayannouncing the changes. “You decide what you share, how you share it, and who you share it with. Here’s how we protect your data.”
Cook linked toApple’s new privacy portal, which highlights the user protections it takes on each of its products and apps. The scrollable and colorful list includes policies for Maps, Safari, Wallet and iMessages.
Apple has tried to market its dedication to privacy, comparing itself favorably to competitors that includeAmazon(AMZN),Facebook(FB)andGoogle(GOOGL), which make money by packaging and selling personal information about the people who use their services.
Apple, for the most part, is in a different line of business: it makes the vast majority of its money selling hardware, software and services to its customers.
Cookpreviously told CNN anchor Christiane Amanpourthat he wants governments around the world to restrict how much data companies can collect from their customers.
“You have more information in your devices than in your own home,” Cook said last year. “All of this information that is out there is too much. It is just too much. It should not exist.”
He’s also said tha

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