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Latest Tech : Adobe’s new AI tool can detect photoshopped images, could solve deepfakes problem – Hindustan Times

Latest Tech :

Latest Tech : Adobe’s ‘Project About Face’ uses AI to detect photoshopped images and even bring them back to its original form.

Updated: Nov 07, 2019 16:48 IST

Adobe ‘Project About Face’.(Adobe)

Adoberecently demonstrated a new project which uses AI to determine manipulation in photos. This AI system can detect how much the photo has been manipulated and also detail which pixels have been altered.

Adobe’s ‘Project About Face’ is powered by the company’s AI and machine learning technology Adobe Sensei. Project About Face also lets users undo the adjustments done to the photo and return it back to the original form. Adobe demonstrated this AI tool by comparing photos with no or less manipulation and those with max

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